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Why I Care About The Future of Work

In school, I was taught to think. To learn. To memorize. No one taught me how to build anything, let alone a business. I was told that if I was good at thinking about, managing, and controlling resources, I could become wealthy.

As an adult, I thought all I needed to start a business was some gusto and a nice university degree backing me. I couldn't have been more wrong. My first business failed miserably, taking with it a lot of my life savings.

That failure taught me a harsh reality: builders make fortunes and change the world while managers make salaries and log vacation days.

I knew I wanted to be a builder, but I had no idea how. I thought the only "builders" in business were coders, and everyone else was doomed to fail. Again, how wrong I was.

Things changed for me after I learned four things:
1. The future of work is about building.
2. Building is about creating useful things, whether a process, product, or line of code.
3. Anyone can build, regardless of the title you have (or don't).
4. Building focused on extraction is not sustainable. It must be additive and create value.

That's when I started to build. I co-founded a nonprofit. I published a book. I built a newsletter and blog. I established a charitable foundation. And I launched a freelance business, helping startups, VCs, and governments with content, whether launching media platforms, strategy & coaching, or ghost-writing for executives in multiple countries. I'm now in the process of building a new company to start, buy, and invest in businesses that help entrepreneurs grow.

Since starting my business in 2017, I've learned just how powerful business can be as a force of change. And I don't mean big business. I mean the solopreneurs, freelancers, and other entrepreneurs building new empires for themselves.

Different from the empires of the previous generation though, the future of our economy is based on creating anywhere, building things yourself, and feeding the world as well as your wallet.

The Pillars of a New Generation


Creation and opportunity should never be limited by geography.

Resources: Remotely Inclined


The world thrives when every creative mind can participate in it and bring their talents to the table.

Resources: Venture Out


Building consciously and giving back are not nice-to-haves. They are necessities.

Resources: The ASE Foundation


Whether an employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur, you are the business.

Resources: PulseBlueprint and The 50 Laws of Freelancing

Work with me

I work with startup, venture capital, and government leaders who want to build their place in the future of work

Some of my work: Thrive Global, BetaKit, Tech Daily, Business2Community, and Remotely Inclined.



Interviews, research, and more.


Your words, your message, my eyes.


Strategy, writer coaching, and more.


Let's make something together.

About me

Human Cloud Changemaker

I'm a writer and entrepreneur passionate about the future of work. I started writing through my thesis research at Yale University in 2014 and started my freelance business in 2017. Since then I have interviewed over 250 entrepreneurs and produced over 1,000 pieces of content for B2B startups, venture capitalists, and tech media outlets as a freelance writer. I'm also the author of The 50 Laws of Freelancing and publisher of Remotely Inclined. Want to keep in touch? Follow me on Twitter @stefanpalios.

The 50 Laws of Freelancing

This book is a practical, action-oriented guide to building a freelance business.

If you've ever thought about freelancing, whether occasionally, as a side business, or full-time, pick up a copy of this book.

Everything mentioned in this book is road tested: If it resulted in making more money or saving time, it got included. Otherwise, it got cut.

"This book is not only approachable but incredibly valuable for freelancers and even people looking to formalize their side hustles. Stefan's done a wonderful job at making what could otherwise seem like a big, difficult step, into actionable milestones that just about anyone can work toward."

Emily Lonetto
Head of Growth, Voiceflow


Remotely Inclined

A regular newsletter about the ins and outs of leading remote businesses.

cover of The 50 Laws of Freelancing

The Freelancer Weekly

A regular newsletter featuring the news and resources that matter to freelancers.

cover of The 50 Laws of Freelancing


My speaking career began by teaching businesses how to attract and retain LGBTQ+ talent. That was half a decade ago and now I’m lucky enough to get to have conversations around the future of work and entrepreneurship on a regular basis.

I’ve spoken at events for Yale University, TD Bank, Microsoft, and Maple Leaf Foods. I've also spoken at major tech and business conferences like Dreamforce, Elevate, 5to9, and Freelancer Business Month.

If you’re looking for a speaker, host, moderator, or panelist for your event, let’s connect.

Some of my speaking topics:
Earning your spot in the future economyMy 5 F*cks: A simple system to transform your lifeGlobal business: Making remote work successful in your companyHow big businesses can become as nimble as freelancersBuilding an inbound funnel as a freelancer


“Stefan was a phenomenal addition to our Customer Success & Marketing workshop. He was extremely knowledgeable and engaging and he gave very tactical advice, which those in attendance could implement immediately at their respective companies. I look forward to having Stefan back to speak in the future!”

Benn Winn
Founder – CS In Focus

Want me to speak at your virtual or in-person event?

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Fifth Floor Capital

I started Fifth Floor Capital as a home to start, buy, and invest in companies that help entrepreneurs grow.

Why the name Fifth Floor?
I started my business from my apartment on the fifth floor of a downtown Toronto building. But more than that, being on the Fifth Floor is about working for everyone - a five-storey building is not out of place anywhere and has economies of scale without being domineering on the skyline. But more to the point, a five storey building has potential. You have a great vantage point already and have the opportunity to keep growing.

Want to co-create a startup together? Sell me yours? Join in on the fun? Get in touch

The Fifth Floor Family

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Remotely Inclined

A newsletter about running remote businesses

PulseBlueprint, a blog about work


A blog about the workplace and freelancing

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A blog about career development and job searching

Want to co-create a startup together? Sell me yours? Join in on the fun? Get in touch


"I needed a freelancer I could trust with complex material and I absolutely felt that trust working with Stefan. He produced great content that the whole team, from Growth to Product, loved."

- Gareth Davies, Growth Marketer – Parabol

“Stefan absolutely knows his stuff when it comes to content creation and strategy advice. He’s got great experience and he’s fantastic at breaking down concepts to make them both easy to understand and easy to follow.”

- Juliana Casale, marketing entrepreneur and founder of Quick Wins Department

"Stefan's always been pleasure to work with and keenly understands both writing side and business side of content marketing. I definitely recommend him for any scaling tech company that needs to tell their story!”

- Anita Chauhan, Co-Founder – Eirine

“I was looking for unique angles for a story, and Stefan delivered. He was responsive, courteous, and answered all of my questions.”

- Jared Lindzon, freelance journalist for Fast Company, Rolling Stone, Politico, and more

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